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Submit an Application Form, get notified by email, attend a tour, pay registration fees, and start your child learning journey!

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We’re delighted you are looking to register your child as a student at Meezan School.

To register your child as a new student, you simply need to complete the New Student Enrolment Form.

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The process


Take a website tour

We try our best to have all the information about the school listed in our website. Take your time going through the website to educate yourself about the school.


Submit application

We have a detailed registartion form for new and current students. The form meant to gather all the important information about the student, his guardians and contacts.


Meet and greet

After you submit the registration form, you should receive a confirmation email. Please check your junk, as we have seen that happen before to some parents. If you feel you need a tour or mor information, please send us an email and will make sure to get you oriented


Secure a spot

To secure a spot for your child, you need to pay the registration fees. The fess are one time payment that will cover any materials, books, services that will be offered to the student through the school year. The current Fees are $200/child and paid at registration time. Failing to pay the fee might not guarantee a spot for the child.

Required enrollment documents

For all student registered for the first time at Meezan School, we require any official document to proof child birth year, name and parents information. Examples: Birth Certificate, Passport, etc..

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